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The experienced attorneys at Zabel Freeman have a strong track record in subrogation cases, and we are proud to have recently welcomed Brook Minx to our team. Mr. Minx brings with him over 25 years of experience in achieving successful subrogation recoveries and securing multi-million dollar settlements for clients. In fact, Mr. Minx is widely recognized as an authority in this area of law, having authored the comprehensive and informative book SUBROGATION: From Loss to Verdict, which is widely regarded as the definitive resource on the topic.


Mr. Minx is a highly regarded figure in the insurance industry, representing major insurers in their pursuit of subrogation recoveries, with a track record of nearly $1 billion in recoveries. With a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BGS in Chemistry from the University of Kansas, he has a vast knowledge base in areas such as refineries, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, chemical processes, centrifugal pumps, salt water disposal facilities, lightning protection systems, power generation facilities, auto-transformers, and more. He draws on this extensive background, both as an engineer and a lawyer, in the varied subrogation recovery cases he handles.

At Zabel Freeman, we have a wide network of the best experts available to use in these subrogation recovery actions. Additionally, we have experience using large database management systems and the tools developed during the management of millions of documents in the Deep Water Horizon Macondo Well Blowout litigation. To ensure the best possible outcome, it's best to engage Zabel Freeman early on in any potential recovery actions, ideally as soon as possible after the notice of loss. This allows us to coordinate the subrogation Cause & Origin investigation, interface with relevant government agencies on site, retain the best experts for the specific loss that occurred, ensure all relevant evidence is preserved, and interview witnesses and obtain statements as necessary. For a more detailed procedure and planning guide, please refer to Mr. Minx's authoritative book on the subject of subrogation, titled "SUBROGATION: From Loss to Verdict."


Zabel Freeman specializes in providing legal representation for insureds in liability defense matters. With a keen eye for detail, we conduct a thorough and expedited evaluation of the facts surrounding each case to determine potential exposure and the level of negligence involved. This approach enables us to arrive at a precise settlement value, allowing insurers to accurately quantify their exposure.

Our expertise spans both third-party liability cases, where we represent insureds, and first-party cases, where we defend insurance companies. We have successfully handled a wide range of cases, including those related to personal injury, construction defects, and third-party liability defense.

We excel in crafting Reservation of Rights and Denial Letters and offer valuable guidance in these areas. For a deeper understanding of these legal processes, we recommend referring to Mr. Minx's concise legal treatise on preparing ROR letters.


Zabel Freeman is adept at providing comprehensive insurance coverage opinions to a range of insurance companies. We possess extensive experience working with a variety of insurance policies, including both standardized and custom policies, and are well-versed in the relevant case law that informs policy interpretation. Our expertise spans multiple types of policies, including first-party property, comprehensive general liability, auto liability, and homeowner's policies, among others. Additionally, we are prepared to take legal action when necessary, including filing and litigating declaratory judgment actions in state and federal courts to ensure that our clients' duties and obligations as insurers are clearly defined with respect to their policyholders.

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