Zabel Freeman attorneys have handled many subrogation cases throughout the years and the addition of Brook Minx brings with him over twenty five years of successful subrogation recoveries and multi-million dollar settlements achieved throughout his career. Mr. Minx has written the single most thorough, authoritative and informative book on the subject of subrogation titled SUBROGATION: From Loss to Verdict.



Mr. Minx is well known throughout the insurance industry and represents many of the major insurers seeking recovery through subrogation. His subrogation recoveries approach $1 billion. Mr. Minx has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BGS in Chemistry from the University of Kansas. He has extensive background in refineries, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, chemical processes, centrifugal pumps, salt water disposal facilities, lightning protection systems, power generation facilities, auto-transformers, etc. during his engineering career and as a lawyer in many varied subrogation recovery cases. Zabel Freeman has an extensive directory of the best experts to use in these subrogation recovery actions. Zabel Freeman has extensive experience using large database management systems and the tools developed during the management of millions of documents in the Deep Water Horizon Macondo Well Blowout litigation. The best practice is to retain Zabel Freeman early on all potential recovery actions, ideally as close to the notice of loss as possible, so we can coordinate the subrogation Cause & Origin investigation, interface with various governmental agencies who will be on site, retain the best experts for the specific loss that occurred, ensure all relevant evidence is preserved, interview witnesses and obtain statements as necessary (see a more in depth procedure and planning in the Mr. Minx’s book mentioned above).



Zabel Freeman represents insureds of various insurance companies in liability defense matters. We carefully and quickly evaluate the liability facts, potential exposure, and offsetting negligence of the involved parties to arrive at the settlement value of each case allowing the insurer to quantify their exposure for each matter/case. These defense maters include both representation of insureds in third-party liability cases as well as defending insurance companies in first party cases.

Among the types of cases we handle include:

  • Personal injury defense

  • Third-party liability defense

  • Construction Defect defense

  • First party claim litigation

Zabel Freeman is skilled at drafting Reservation of Rights and Denial Letters (see also the short legal treatise on preparing ROR letters authored by Mr. Minx)



At Zabel Freeman, we have prepared numerous insurance coverage opinions for various insurers. We have worked with many varied insurance policies and manuscript insurance policies and are familiar with their content and the case law interpretations of those policies. These policies include insurance policies such as first party property, comprehensive general liability, auto liability, and homeowner’s policies to name a few and the most common. When necessary we file and litigate declaratory judgments actions, both state and federal, to determine the duties and obligations of the insurer with regards to the insured’s insurance policy.